Awakening to Wealth


By Janna Jungclaus


I offer this eBook on a donation basis.


That is the first questions people have been asking me: Why? Why would you write a book about abundance, wealth and money and give it away for free!

There are many reasons I want to make this book freely available and give the readers the option to make a donation. Firstly, I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and information in this book and I do believe that it will reach further and wider across the globe if it is freely available. Secondly, none of the ideas in this book were my own ideas. They are a collection, a synthesis of all the things I have learnt from other people – that is also why I decided to publish this book under a creative commons license. Thirdly, I LOVE to GIVE, and this is somehow an experiment to see whether it is really true for a practical, financial situation that the more you give, the more you get in return.

This is also an experiment to see how likely it is for you, the readers, to implement the idea of donating part of your income to a cause, an idea, or a project that you regard as worthy. Of course this doesn’t mean that Awakening to Wealth has to be the project you donate to, but if you do decide to do so, I will be very happy.

So, if you feel the calling, I will gratefully receive a donation from you. Whatever amount comes from your heart will make a difference to me and will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate by contacting me directly.